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Surf lessons and tours to explore the locals surfbreak are available at a competitive rate. Info about pricing and options are available at Boho's front desk.


Batu Bolong Beach 

On the other side of the channel from Old Man’s is Batu Bolong, a reef break that is loved by loggers. It’s also visited by surf schools because of the long, slow and forgiving rides. On bigger days, this wave offers a gentle wall to carve – for beginners. Our recommendation? Dawn patrol to avoid the crowds.

Old Man’s

It is a classic reef break that with a peeling long and fat wave. It’s gentle and predictable, which is why beginners and longboards love it. As one of the mellower waves in Canggu, you can expect a crowd. There are board rentals and surf lessons on the beach. Be warned, Old Man’s is a great wave for a dancing logger, but there are flying foamies plenty. On a bigger swell, this wave is dreamy for beginners to advanced surfers.




Canggu River Mouth

One of the more famous waves in Bali. A hollow right that breaks in barreling and opens shouldered sections, Canggu can be a great spot to catch your local pro surfer.  While it’s not necessarily known as a territorial spot, you will probably be paddle battling through a few mean mugs every few sets. It’s easy to access from the river mouth but you’ll need to get deep into position on the peak if you want a set wave. There’s typically less of a crowd here, but you’ll need to earn your spot.


Tucked between Echo Beach and Seseh beach in Pererenan, an exposed beach and reef break with dependable surf. The wave offers rights and lefts in a mellow, scenic setting. Pererenan is amidst a traditional Balinese community that has deep ties to spiritual practices – so you won’t see too many people, disrespect, or foreign buildings. Waves are exposed, which means that they can be fast and challenging. This wave is best surfed at mid to high tide to avoid any reef-related injuries. Be aware of sea urchins.


Echo Beach Left

Breaks hard and often heavy over a shallow reef with a good swell. It has a tendency to jack up as the wave hits the reef and is known how to barrel. This certainly isn’t for the inexperienced surfer. On its day you will find surfers slotting in for a quick but nuggety barrel. On a higher tide when it’s not barrelling Echo Beach Left gives you a grunty wall to rip some turns and a lip to smack. This wave is a real favorite for natural footers on their backhand and goofy footers on their forehand.

The Sandbar

A peaky A-frame breaking left and right. Situated adjacent to Echo Beach Left, The Sandbar is considered an advanced to expert wave on its day. It quickly turns over into a heavy thick-lipped barrel. This is one of three high-performance waves that break along Echo Beach. It’s considered the best performance wave in Bali for practicing airs because of the perfect ramps that form from the wedgy peaks and sandy bottom.  

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